By-the-Hour (PBH)

Nose-to-Tail Power by the Hour Support

Our By-the-Hour programs are reviewed constantly and can be tailored for you to cover individual components or an entire aircraft.  By-the-hour support gives you a maintenance solution to manage costs and maximize your aircraft's availability, while limiting the time spent on administrative activities so you can focus on flying. View our information sheet on our 'Nose-to-Tail' PBH Program.

Why Heli-One?

  • Single source supplier, nose-to-tail, across multiple platforms
  • Coverage across multiple OEMs, reducing administrative costs
  • Team of experienced planners leverages technology to forecast maintenance events
  • Dedicated Customer Support Officer with 24/7 AOG Support
  • Large inventory of parts & global distribution centres for quick replacements

By-the-Hour Services Include:

  • Repair and Overhaul
  • AOG support
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Design and Engineering
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Safety and Survival equipment

Heli-One's Supported Aircraft By-the-Hour:

aw139-sideaw139-front   as332-532-sideas332-532-front   s-92-sides-92-front
h225-sideh225-front   s-61-sides-61-front   s-76-sides-76-front
Bell 412 Sidebell412-front
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What is By-the-Hour Maintenance Support?

Fixed Sum

Fixed sum per flying hour for maintenance of an agreed list of parts

PBH Logistics

Logistics planning for scheduled and unscheduled events

PBH Budgeting

Budgeting for scheduled events

PBH Cost Protection

Cost protection for unscheduled events

How does By-the-Hour support work?

  1. Our team performs an analysis on the times and cycles on your aircraft to determine buy-in requirements
  2. We provide parts as and when required to ensure aircraft availability
  3. You pay a monthly fee based on the hours you fly aligning your costs with your revenues
How PBH works

What does Heli-One cover with By-the-Hour support?

Heli-One offers the most extensive by-the-hour coverage in the industry, which can be customized based on your operational requirements. We have three basic packages:

  1. Nose-to-Tail (engines, dynamics, hydraulics, avionics, blades etc.)
  2. Major components only
  3. Engines only
Heli-One Power By The Hour

What are the benefits of By-the-Hour support?

  • Planned environment for maintenance events, to minimize downtime
  • Optimized operational performance: service level agreements
  • Stable maintenance budget, predictable costs
  • Cost protection for unscheduled events
  • Coverage for scheduled and unscheduled events
  • Significantly reduced inventory
  • Higher aircraft residual value
  • Programs customized to meet your unique operational requirements and needs

Our team of analysts can work with you to develop a customized PBH support solution depending on your operational profile and based on your exact requirements.